Hoops and Dreams Circus

Sharing our passion for circus skills with a wider audience, we run events for people of all ages, individually or in groups – for schools, corporate, private events and parties.

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‘Literally the most excellent and outstanding performer I have ever seen.’


Hoops and Dreams Circus - Parties

Want to give your child an unforgettable experience? Look no further – Hoops & Dreams is your one-stop solution to keep the kids enthralled. Equally suitable for adult parties – hen parties, birthdays.


Hoops and Dreams Circus - Schools & workshops

Circus workshops offer a dynamic and enriching educational experience. Through activities such as hula hooping, participants develop essential physical co-ordination, teamwork, and confidence.


Hoops and Dreams Circus - Performances

Unleash the extraordinary at weddings, office parties, and open days with a unique and thrilling circus experience with an interactive experience or a performance you can just sit back and enjoy!


Our clients say

‘The hula hoops workshops were fantastic and enjoyed by all (including the staff!). Thank you so much, we really enjoyed it. She was amazing! Really friendly, great at entertaining the kids and had everyone totally enthralled with her circus skills.’

Primary School
Wallington, Surrey


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